O2 Offers Car Insurance

O2, the mobile phone company, offer car insurance to both its phone users as well as non-customers. Apparently, this is the first time here in the UK that such a company has offered motor insurance.

O2 are offering both existing mobile phone customers and non-customers car insurance here in the UK

O2 are now offering car insurance.

There is O2 Drive and O2 Drive – Box on Board with the later being telematics cover that is becoming more popular with an increasing number of insurers offering it. As with many car insurance policies, you can choose the level of cover from either fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft or third party cover.

If you arrange an O2 car insurance policy you will also benefit from car maintenance and car servicing at discounted rates as well as a number of perks that become available during the year. If you happen to be an 02 mobile phone user on a consumer tariff then you may benefit from a discount on the cost of your car insurance.

You can either get a quote online or over the phone providing an element of flexibility. With their app you are able to manage your car insurance through your smartphone. You can include breakdown cover with the RAC through the O2 Drive car insurance policy. You can pay for your cover either as a lump sum or monthly although do bear in mind that with the latter option interest will be added to the cost of the cover as you are borrowing a large portion of the annual cost from the insurer.

The O2 Drive – Box on Board policy uses a small telematics box that is placed in the vehicle and it monitors things like how well you are driving the car, where you are driving the vehicle and when you are driving the car. This sort of cover particularly appeals to young motorists who, on average, tend to pay considerably more for their car insurance than say a 50 year old motorist with 30 years good driving experience with telematics cover tending to be cheaper than ordinary car insurance no doubt because your driving is being monitored.

So, if the above interests you, you may wish to obtain a motor insurance quote from O2 Drive to compare with other quotations that you may choose to obtain.

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