Be Careful When You De-Ice Your Car

Over the last few days, many of you in the UK have woken up to a heavy frost on the ground as we have seen temperatures drop below freezing. As a result, for those of you who own a car and left it on the drive or parked in the street overnight, you will probably have had to defrost the windows before setting off to work.

you may not be insured if your car is stolen if left unattended with the engine on whilst it is defrosting

Be careful when defrosting your car

There are a lot of people who pop out to their vehicle and turn the engine on and then go back inside their home leaving the car engine running to heat up the car that helps the car windows defrost. Whilst the car is defrosting in this way you may be having a shower or eating your breakfast before going out to your car to set off for work.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few unattended cars that are stolen in such circumstances as car thieves are well aware that people do the above. However, what a lot of motorists probably don’t realize is that most insurance companies do not cover you should your car be stolen in the above circumstances. Therefore, you may wish to check your car insurance policy to establish if you are covered for such thefts or not.

If you are not then you would be expected to stay with your vehicle whilst it defrosts rather than leave it unattended with the engine running on your drive. Of course, there are other ways of defrosting your car such as using a scraper or a deicer spray that you may also wish to consider.

After all, what is the point in paying several hundred pounds a year or more for your motor insurance only to discover that you are not insured should your car be stolen in the above way? So, do bear the above in mind when defrosting your car.

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