Report Shows Many Motorists Concerned At Rising Car Insurance Costs

The RAC Report on Motoring – 2016 is produced every year and makes for interesting reading. Amongst many things, it mentions how motorists feel about car insurance premiums, air quality, the condition of roads and road safety.

The RAC Report On Motoring - 2016 discusses many things including the incresing cost of car insurance

The RAC Report On Motoring – 2016 makes for interesting reading.

The third biggest concern amongst motorists was how much they are having to pay for car insurance. In fact, 8% of motorists were of the opinion that their biggest concern was how much it is costing to insure their vehicles. Last year, only 5% of motorists felt that this was their greatest concern. The second biggest cause for concern amongst motorists was just how many drivers use their mobile phones whilst driving – this was the biggest concern of 13% of motorists. The number one concern was the condition of roads in their locality with 14% of motorists feeling that this was the major thing that they were worried about.

A significant percentage of motorists taking part in providing information to help produce the report commented about their motor insurance premiums increasing in the last year. In fact, 46% made this observation yet it is interesting that in the previous years report only 34% made the same observation.

Apparently, in the year to March 2016, car insurance premiums have risen by an average of about 14%. In March 2015 the average premium for motor insurance was £590 but by March 2016 this figure had risen to £671.

We are sure that you will agree that this is a significant increase and one that motorists could do without. Perhaps when you receive your annual car insurance renewal notice you may wish to check what your premium is going to be for the next 12 months and then you may wish to shop around to see if it is possible to get the cover that you require but for a lower premium than you are being asked to pay by your existing insurer. It is unfortunate that not enough people bother to try to get a better deal on their car insurance by checking what other motor insurance providers will charge.

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