Too Many Motorists Break Speed Limit

Unfortunately, there are too many drivers that exceed the speed limits on our roads here in the UK. Such action can have serious consequences including a motorist seeing their car insurance premiums increase if they are caught speeding.

There are a lot of motorists in the UK that are caught breaking the speed limit that could result in their motor insurance premiums going up.

The speed limit is broken by too many drivers here in the UK.

Research carried out on behalf of, a price comparison website, amongst 2,000 motorists in the UK, has revealed that every day 11% of drivers break the speed limit. We are sure that you will agree that this is a lot of motorists and is a concerning statistic. In 2015, 1,852,204 motorists in the UK were caught breaking the speed limit.

It is also interesting to read that 79% of drivers admitted to exceeding the speed limit but what is also worth noting is that only 37% of them admitted to having been caught exceeding the speed limit. Of those that break the speed limit, they do so by an average of 10mph although 5% of such drivers exceed the speed limit by anything between 15 to 19mph.

It is whilst driving on motorways where most people break the speed limit with 49% of those doing so on such roads. Interestingly, only 13% of motorists speeding on motorways were actually caught on such roads doing so. It is A roads where the highest percentage of motorists are caught speeding – 38%.

The research also looked at the top speeds people were travelling at when caught speeding and the make of car they were driving. It was discovered that since 2014 BMWs were most likely to be the offenders with 25 BMWs making up the top speeds. In 2015, a BMW was recorded as travelling at a speed of 156mph that was the highest speed someone was caught driving at in 2015. The motorist driving this particular BMW was caught by Cambridgeshire police on the AI (M). A Mercedes Benz C220 was caught by Hertfordshire police travelling at 155 mph on the M1 and a Jaguar was found to be doing 155 mph by Metropolitan police on the A2.

If you are caught breaking the speed limit whilst driving your car then you could face serious consequences. This could include things like getting points on your driving license, being fined, being banned from driving, seeing your motor insurance premiums rise and going to prison. It could also result in you causing a road traffic accident that could result in the injury or death of yourself or other people and damage to your car and other vehicles and property.

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