How Many Miles Do You Drive Annually?

There are numerous things that impact on how much you will have to pay for your motor insurance such as the make and model of car, where you live, what you will use the car for, what level of cover you require, where the car is parked overnight and who is permitted to drive the vehicle. Another factor that has an affect on how much your premium will be is how many miles you will travel in the car each year and how many of those miles are for personal use and how many may be for business purposes.

A factor that impacts on how much you will have to pay for your car insurance is how many miles you do every year

How many miles you estimate you will travel in your car during the year has a bearing on how much your car insurance premium will be.

When applying for car insurance, you will be asked to provide an estimate of how many miles you anticipate travelling each year in the vehicle. The more miles that you travel then the greater the risk of you being involved in a road traffic accident.

Therefore, if you only travel say 3,000 miles per annum you are possibly going to pay less for your car insurance than if you were to travel say 30,000 miles every year. It is important that when providing an estimate of your annual mileage that you give as accurate a figure as possible. If it looks like you are going to exceed the figure that you provided part way through the policy period then you should let the insurance company know and provide a revised figure. Yes, this may result in your premium increasing but you will not then be faced with the possibility of having a claim declined because you provided an estimate of your mileage that was far too low that you very quickly exceeded.

Equally, if you provided an estimate that, part the way through the policy period, turns out to be far too high then you could contact the car insurance provider to let them know and they may lower your premium.

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