Will The Weather Be Used In Black Box Technology?

We have previously discussed the merits of telematics car insurance – other wise known as “black box” technology. However, it may not be long before some insurance companies that provide such cover start to take into account the weather conditions that you are driving in when calculating your premiums.

Telematics car insurance premiums may be affected by adverse weather conditions.

Poor weather conditions may be going to have a bearing on telematics car insurance premiums.

Apparently, a company by the name of Octo that just happens to be the largest supplier of telematics in the world has got together with The Weather Company enabling it to know what weather conditions you are driving your car in if you have a black box fitted.

Of course, this could mean that insurance companies may decide to use this data when calculating the premium that you pay. For instance, if you choose to drive your car in wintry conditions with snow and ice on the road or when it is raining particularly heavily or when it is foggy then you may end up paying more for your car insurance, This probably may not come as a surprise to people as insurance companies take into account various risk factors when calculating the premium that you pay such as how powerful your car is to drive and where you live as if you reside in a locality that is notorious for car thefts then you can expect to pay a higher premium for your car insurance.

An increasing number of drivers are selecting telematics car insurance especially the younger motorist who tends to pay considerably more for their cover. This is because telematics premiums have the potential to be lower than standard cover and most people would welcome the opportunity to save some money. It is going to be interesting to see if the number of people taking out black box car insurance changes much should such cover also take into account the weather conditions when driving in the likes of heavy rain and snow.

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