Too Many Uninsured Drivers On Our Roads

Unfortunately, there are a lot of motorists who, for whatever reason, have not bothered to insure their cars and the numbers are on the increase. We are sure that you will agree this is an alarming situation.

It is easy for the police here in the UK to speddily stablish if a car does not have any insurance cover.

The police can quickly find out if a car is not insured.

According to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB), the number of motorists that have not bothered to arrange motor insurance has been dropping since 2005 to around 1 million. However, this year, the MIB has noticed a rise in the number of claims that they have been receiving in respect of accidents involving uninsured drivers.

You will no doubt be aware that it is illegal to drive your car unless it has at the very least third party insurance cover. This is the most basic level of cover as it will only pay out should you be involved in a road traffic accident for damage to other property, other vehicles and injury or death to other people. It will not cover your vehicle for any damage that it suffers nor should it be stolen.

Apparently, around 33% of drivers that have not bothered to arrange motor insurance on their vehicles are below the age of 30. The MIB recently launched the “Gone in Seconds” campaign that includes a 45 second video that is being shown in various locations around the country that highlights the importance of insuring your car.

If you are caught driving a car without suitable insurance then you could be faced with having to pay a fine of up to £1,000, have a clamp placed on one of the wheels of your vehicle, have your car impounded or even destroyed or be faced with paying a fixed penalty of £100. Furthermore, you could receive points on your driving license and find that your car insurance premiums could increase significantly with there being fewer insurance companies that would consider providing you with cover.

It really is not worth not insuring your motor vehicle.

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