Where Should You Park Your Car Overnight

You may not have any choice when it comes to where you leave your car overnight but if you do it is worth looking at the impact this may have on your car insurance premiums.

some car insurance companies charge more if you park your car outside your home overnight

If you leave your car on the road outside your home overnight you may pay more for your car insurance

From a security point of view, it is pretty obvious that if you have three options with those being to park your car on the road outside your home, leave it on the drive or lock it away in your garage overnight which is the safest. The garage, of course! In second place would be on your drive and the least favoured option on the road in front of your home.

Quite simply, statistically, your car is more likely to be hit by a passing vehicle if it were parked on the public road rather than on the drive. Furthermore, a car thief is more likely to steal your car when it is on the road than if it were in the garage.

Therefore, some car insurance providers may take these factors, as well as many others, into account when calculating what your car insurance premium will be. So, when completing an application form for car insurance, one of the questions that you will be asked is: “Where do you leave your car parked overnight?” Your answer may affect the premium that you pay.

You need to be honest when answering this question. If you leave your car overnight on the road in front of your house then that is where you must say you put it. If you do not answer the question correctly and your car was stolen or damaged you are likely to find that the insurance company will not agree to meet your claim. You will have wasted your premium.

The writer of this post actually parks his car partly on the drive and partly on the road in the cul de sac in which he lives. When completing the application form for car insurance he stated that it is parked on the road as there was not an option to cover the car for being partly parked on the road and partly on the drive. Better to be safe than sorry.

Many people don’t bother to put their car in the garage overnight because they are too lazy. Why not find out how much you may save with your car insurance premiums if you were to do so – you may be pleasantly surprised.

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