Can You Still Get Any Driver Car Insurance?

There are times when you may want other members of your family to be able to drive your car. So, how can they do this and be covered under your car insurance policy?

Any Driver Car Insurance policies may be costly .

The cost of including family members on an Any Driver Car Insurance policy may be expensive and restrictive

Well, they may be allowed to be added as named drivers on your policy as long as they meet the policy conditions. For instance, the car insurance company may say that they must be over the age of 25.

That is fine as long as you will always know who you want to drive your car but what if there are occasions when there is the need for someone that is not on the policy as a named driver to drive your car?

If they have their own fully comprehensive car insurance then they would be covered to drive your car but only for third party cover meaning that should they have an accident whilst driving your car your car would not be covered by their policy if it were damaged or written off. Only damage to the other vehicle involved in the accident or other property or injury to third parties would be covered.

The solution may be to arrange Any Driver Car Insurance but there are a limited number of companies that offer this sort of cover and they tend to be very restrictive as who can drive your car. For instance, some companies may insist that the drivers must be over the age of 25 and have no driving convictions.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the cost of arranging such cover can be quite expensive when compared with say naming drivers on the policy for obvious reasons.

So, in answer to the above question: – “ Yes, it is possible to arrange any driver car insurance but be prepared to possibly pay quite a high premium for it.

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