Short Term Car Insurance

Most people have never had the need to arrange short term car insurance but there are some occasions when it may be more beneficial to do this than arrange a policy that runs for a full 12 months or adding someone to your existing policy which is what happens in many cases.

short term car insurance can beused in many instances such as if a relative was spending a few days with you and you wanted them to be able to drive your car

If you want to allow a relative to drive your car whilst they are on holiday with you an option is to arrange short term car insurance

As a general rule, short-term car insurance covers a period of anything between 1 to 28 days so when might you find yourself needing cover for such a short period of time?

Well, you may have a relative coming to spend a few days with you who has travelled by train to get to you but would love to be able to do some touring whilst they are staying with you. They could hire a car but, equally, you may be in a position to lend them yours. If they have fully comprehensive car insurance on their own car they would only be covered for third party insurance to drive yours. However, you could add them to your policy as an additional driver but this may involve an administration fee to do this and if they had an accident it could affect your no claims bonus.

However, if they arranged short-term car insurance for the specific period that they could be driving your car and were involved in an accident your no claims bonus would be un-affected.

Another example of when such cover would be of benefit could be if you were going to share a long drive with someone using your car. You could just take out a separate policy to cover them for the period of time.

It may be possible to include optional extras such as breakdown cover on the policy and you may even be able to get fully comprehensive cover for driving in EU countries.

There are a number of insurance companies that provide temporary car insurance so it is worth shopping around with one of the ways of doing this being to use a price comparison website.

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