Car Insurance Premiums Are Still Dropping

We continue to receive good news about car insurance premiums as it has been reported by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) that the average cost of fully comprehensive car insurance has fallen in the first quarter of 2014 when compared to the same period in the previous year. The annual premium is now an average of £358 with this being a 6% reduction against Q1’s 2013 figure.

average comprehensive car insurance premiums have dropped in Q1 2014 in comparison to Q1 2013

Car insurance premiums continue to drop

Whilst this data will no doubt be welcomed by motorists it is still important that you shop around for your car insurance to try to get the best deal possible. When you receive your renewal notice you should take the time to look into cover for the next 12 months.

Too many people merely file their renewal notice and accept that the few pounds a month increase is the norm when in fact if they were to do some research they may find they could save some money which has to be welcomed these days. The car insurance industry is extremely competitive with companies keen to take on new business and, in many cases, hold onto existing clients.

When you receive your renewal notice you could sit in front of the computer and see if you can get a better deal elsewhere. Merely by keying something like: “cheap car insurance” into Google will bring up various providers of this type of cover including many price comparison websites. It only takes a few minutes to key in the requested information and you should have numerous companies wanting your business.

Do make sure that you are comparing like with like when you get quotes. For instance, if you want to include breakdown cover in your policy check that it offers the same levels of cover as another provider in their quote.

Don’t be frightened to contact your existing insurer and tell them you have received a cheaper car insurance quote than theirs. You never know, they may be prepared to match or better the other quote which means that you won’t need to switch insurers but, if it is necessary to move to get a better deal, it doesn’t involve too much effort.

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