Why Get Your Car Serviced Regularly?

Well, there are many reasons why you would go to the expense of getting your car serviced in line with the recommended service schedule so, let’s spend some time discussing this.

When you buy a new or second hand car it should come with the service book. In the case of a second hand model, you may wish to check this book to see that it has been suitably maintained. If it has not, you could be faced with some mechanical problems resulting in the car breaking down or even becoming unsafe to drive.

shouldn' you make sure that you have your car serviced on a regular basis?

Don’t you think it is a sensible idea to get your car serviced regularly?

For instance, as you don’t have to have a brand new car put through it’s MOT for 3 years, what would happen if you did not have it serviced and after 2 years your brake pads were so worn that they eventually stopped being effective resulting in you being the cause of an accident by driving into the back of another car that was in front of you, causing the death of the driver of that car? Potentially, you could be held liable if it were proven that the accident were due to your brake pads being faulty.

When you come to claim on your car insurance policy you may be in for a shock as the insurance company may refuse to meet the claim leaving you to have to deal with the cost of repairing not only your car plus the other vehicle or replacing the cars. You may also be faced with a claim for a substantial sum in damages by the deceased driver’s family.

Another reason to have your car serviced on a regular basis, that is particularly important in the current economic climate, is that a car that is serviced regularly is more likely to do more miles to the gallon than one that has not been serviced.

Another reason is that a car serviced on a regular basis is likely to produce less carbon emissions than one that has not been serviced regularly. There is a worldwide focus on improving the environment in which we live with one of those ways to achieve this being to reduce carbon emissions from car exhausts.

By missing a service could cause untold damage to your car that, should it break down, could cost far more to put right than the cost of the service you missed.

So, whilst it may be an expense that many of you can do without, you may wish to seriously consider getting your car serviced on a regular basis.

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