Do You Travel To More Than One Place Of Work?

If you use your own car to get to work and travel home in having completed a day at the office, you will, of course, have car insurance. Whether you chose fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft or third party cover was a personal decision probably based upon cost.

check your car insurance to ensure you come under the correct "class of use"

Make sure you have the correct “class of use” for your car insurance

However, were you aware that there are different “classes of use” and it is important that you are placed in the correct category to ensure that you are covered for the purpose of your journey? If you were not, you should check your policy.

There are several “classes of use” with those being “social domestic and pleasure”, “commuting”, “business use: class 1”, “business use: class 2” and “business use: class 3”.

If you only travel to one place of work then the “commuting” class will be fine. This provides cover for social domestic and pleasure purposes such as going shopping plus you can drive your car to and from one workplace. You would be covered if you drove your car to the station to then complete your journey on the train into the office.

However, if your job requires you to drive to different work locations other than your main place of work then you would require “business use: class 1”. If your work involved delivering light goods or selling then you would need a different business use class. A lot of people do not realise this and an increasing number of employers are asking more of their staff in terms of their flexibility to perhaps cover a position at another site because someone is off sick. In that situation you would need to make sure that you are covered for “business use: class 1”.

Unfortunately, this will result in an increased car insurance premium but at least you know you would be fully covered rather than just taking a chance that you do not have an accident en-route to a different work location. Perhaps your employer will pay for the extra cost in your car insurance premium.

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