What You Do for A Living Affects Your Car Insurance Premiums

Many families continue to struggle to pay their household bills in the current economic climate here in the UK so anyway that they can reduce their outgoings is to be welcomed.

We have previously commented on ways to possibly reduce your car insurance premiums. For instance, by using a price comparison website to see if you can get a cheaper car insurance premium elsewhere, parking your car overnight on your drive or in the garage rather than leaving it on the road outside your home, having security devices fitted such as an alarm or an immobiliser or paying a larger excess.

car insurance premiums are affected by your occupation

Car insurance for a chef is more expensive than for a kitchen worker

However, what you do for a living can have a big impact on the car insurance premium that you pay each month. For instance, if you are a professional footballer the perception is that you are more likely to be involved in a car accident whereas if you were a solicitor you are believed to be less at risk of having an accident whilst driving your car.

On the face of it you may think that there is nothing that you can do to influence your premium based upon your occupation and we are not for one minute suggesting you provide inaccurate information in that respect. In fact, you would be foolish to do such a thing as this would have huge ramifications such as your policy not paying out should you claim as a result of an accident and you may struggle to get insurance in the future.

However, what you should be aware of is that by accurately selecting what you do for a living can impact on the premium. For instance, GoCompare carried out some research that revealed that the average annual premium for a chef was £790 whilst a kitchen worker only paid £692 so if your job description falls into the later you would pay less than the chef working in the same kitchen as you.

Yes, of course, you must provide accurate information but by taking your time to select the most appropriate job title you may, by pure good fortune, save yourself some money.

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