Ways To Keep Your Car Secure And Your Premiums Down

In the current financial climate here in the UK most people would jump at the chance of finding ways of keeping their household expenditure under control. It would be useful, therefore, to look at ways of not only containing your car insurance premiums but, at the same time, also looking at ways to keep your car secure and less likely to be stolen.

reduce the possibility of your car being stolen by installing security devices and being careful where you park it

Reduce the possibility of your car being stolen by installing security devices and being careful where you park it

You have no doubt done some shopping around to see if you can get a lower premium, considered whether you really need all those additional named drivers on your car insurance policy, increased the excess on the policy to a figure that you can afford and provided the car insurance company with an accurate assessment of the number of miles that you travel each year. All of these factors could impact on the level of premium you pay.

However, where do you park your car either overnight or when you perhaps leave it to go shopping?

The reason for asking the question is that if you merely leave your car on the roadside outside your house when you return from work where it remains until the morning yet you could have parked it on your drive or, better still, put it in the garage you may have found that your car insurance premiums would have been lower if you had selected one of the later two options.

Also, if you park your car in the street whilst you go shopping it is potentially more likely to be damaged by a passing vehicle or stolen than if you had parked it in a proper car park which may have security cameras monitoring the premises. If your car is stolen or damaged in this way, this could potentially result in your car insurance premiums rising.

Hopefully, you have got an alarm, immobiliser and/or tracking device fitted as this will reduce the likelihood of your car being stolen and may impact positively on the level of premium you pay for your car insurance.

We hope that the above has proved useful.

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