Is Cheap Car Insurance Worth Having?

Here in the UK, people are still going through troubled times from a financial perspective. Many of you will have had to “tighten your belts” in recent years trying to find ways of reducing your family’s expenditure, giving up on many luxury purchases just to meet your regular household bills.

Third Party car insurance is a legal requirement but will only pay out in certain instancesUnfortunately, if you own a car and it is on the public road and not declared SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) you will have to make sure that you have insured it.

At very least, legally, you have to have third party car insurance – that is the cheapest of the 3 levels of cover with the others being third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive.

Like most things in life – you get what you pay for and car insurance is no different.

If you knew that you were never going to be involved in an accident or that your car would never be stolen or be set on fire or vandalized or that, as a result of a mistake on your part whilst driving, your passenger or other people involved in the accident were going to be seriously injured or killed and all the vehicles involved damaged or written off, then you probably wouldn’t see the point in having any form of car insurance other than to meet your legal requirement.

Unfortunately, you don’t have a crystal ball and can’t see into the future so, like most insurances, you must decide which level of cover you can afford and require.

Use the Internet to shop around, looking at various quotes via a price comparison website, study the features and benefits of the cover offered and do not rush in to buy the first car insurance policy you come across. Take your time as you no doubt did when selecting the car that you are now driving.

Yes, cheap car insurance is worth having but it must also meet your requirements.

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