New Year Storms Wreak Havoc On Cars In Scotland, UK

The aftermath of New Year’s has left several insurance companies staggering under the weight of an unprecedented number of car insurance claims. Most of these claims are revolving around damages suffered by their vehicles from shed roofs and flying trampolines.

From 1st January to 5th January, a certain insurance company received 123 claims from customers in Scotland, all of which were related to storm damage. 3rd January alone witnessed more than 50 claims being made as the fierce gales continued to wreak havoc across Scotland.

The damage claims generally cited tiles and trees collapsing on top of cars, along with accidents being caused due to the heavy rains. One claim in Dumfries included a flying trampoline that was swept off from a garden shed and caused damage to six vehicles. Church roofs and flying sheds were also reported as causes of damage.

Due to the widespread damage caused by the New Year storms, car insurance rates are slated to hike up. Even in UK, some insurance companies reported a 250 percent rise in the number of home and car insurance claims due to damages suffered. Some companies also stated that the number of claims received in the first four days was more than what was expected from the entire month of January.

Ian Crowder, spokesperson for a reputed car insurance company, spoke to the Telegraph about the situation.

“Major weather events like this, causing widespread damage are not going to help insurance costs come down.”

Falling tree branches and roof-blown tiles were cited as the major perpetrators of vehicle damage by UK residents. Some insurance companies are making an effort to reduce the stress on resources by permitting policy owners to carry forward the repair work before submitting claims. All those who are carrying out repairs should definitely check their policy to make sure they are covered, along with taking a photograph of the damage induced before the repairs are done.

Tuesday’s gales caused the death of one person in Kent. The man, who was in his 50s, could not escape in time when a tree branch fell and landed on his car.

In the wake of several homes being damaged by the storms, Lee Mooney, the head of a reputed home insurance company, said: “Most of the claims we are seeing relate to damage to the home, with roof, shed and fence damage being most common. Although the worst of the storms appears to be over, we would continue to urge customers to make sure their homes are protected as far as possible from further damage.”

“Simple steps include clearing your garden of hazardous loose objects and removing loose or overhanging branches,” he continued.

It seems that fortune is simply not ready to favour the hopes of cheap car insurance policies that the residents of UK and Scotland hope to enjoy in the near future.

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