October is tyre safety month

The tyre safety month is a yearly campaign which promotes the advantages of having the right tyre tread and tyre pressure. This is an area in car safety which is very important in preventing road accidents.

Drivers who are caught driving cars with inadequate tyres can face a sizeable fine. Even if one tyre is found to be beneath the legal requirement for tread depth, the driver could be could be fined £2,500 and have 3 points put on their drivers license. If you have an accident and it is found out that the accident could have been prevented if your tyres had better grip, then your car insurance policy will not cover you. Moreover, you will have a lesser chance of getting cheap car insurance if you have such convictions.

Most of the people in the United Kingdom say that they know very little about car maintenance, but things like tyre checks are quite easy to do on your own. The value of carrying your some fundamental checks on your own, or having a professional do it for you is highlighted by ‘TyreSafe’, one of UK’s leading tyre safety organizations. TyreSafe is devoted to increasing the awareness about the dangers of driving with illegal or defective tyres.

A spokesperson for a well known car insurance comparison website said, “Tyre Safety Month is an excellent initiative to promote road safety awareness. We have been publishing guides promoting the benefits of gaining basic car maintenance skills to our shoppers and these can be found on our site. The Department of Transport issued figures in a recent road casualty report showing that there were in excess of 1,200 casualties in the UK from tyre related incidents in 2010, so it really is important to have some basic knowledge. Being safe and legal on the road keeps the cost of your motoring down, as having a clean driving licence will help you to obtain cheap car insurance as you present less of a risk to insurers.”

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