Airline Pilots Get to Pay Lowest Car Insurance Premiums

According to a well known car insurance comparison company, airline pilots are the safest drivers on the road and hence find it the easiest to find cheap car insurance. On the opposite end of the scale are party DJ’s who are the most unsafe.

They say that a captain of a 747 jumbo jet will usually pay just £321 for car insurance while a DJ, who probably makes a lot of late night journeys, will be charged about £6,810 per year. The profession of the customer is just one of the things that determine the quote; other issues like age, location and the type of car along with their driving history also make a large impact on the quote.

Apprentice professional footballers are the riskiest drivers after mobile disco owners with insurance costing them about £6,264 per year. Football match referees also pay a high price for car insurance; they pay about £3,679 per year.

After airline pilots, china restorers and toy makers are the ones who find it easiest to get cheap car insurance along with travel guide writers.

The website also advised drivers to let their insurers know if they have changed their job, as the new role could be statistically less risky.

The head of car insurance at the website said that insurers usually take a wide range of factors into account when they are working out premiums. Contributing factors like the type of car you drive, the average age of the people in your profession along with your claims history as a driver are the things which are usually taken into account when giving someone a quote.

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